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Batch Powder Coat System

Slocum Equipment
offers innovative, state of the art, energy efficient powder coating systems. From the smallest job shop to the largest manufacturer, Slocum has you covered with over 20 years of first hand design-build experience.
We offer true turnkey service overseeing the fabrication, installation and commissioning of every system we sell. Call us today for a free consultation and let us show you what the meaning of the word service is.

System Build

Gema Manual Powder Coat System

Powder Coating Booths
Rohner Powder Coating Booth

Batch Powder Booths
Rohner Batch Cartridge Recovery Booths are designed with optimal airflow for powder containment and application efficiency, and are the perfect solution for bringing the advantages of Batch Non-Reclaim Powder Booth to your powder coating process. Our standard powder coating booths control air uniformly through all the booth openings, recirculating the air back into the facility so no makeup air is required, and collecting excess powder through the two-stage filters of the collector modules. Rohner Batch Cartridge Recovery Booths provide a superior application environment for small job shop runs or large production runs, and are designed for manual gun usage.
• Premium 18 gauge G90 Galvanized steel construction
• AMCA certified aluminum blade fans with TEFC motor standard
• UL listed color correct fluorescent light fixtures
• 20 x 20 industry standard filters
• 100 F.P.M. standard booth velocity
• Welded tube steel product doors
• Easy nut & bolt assembly with 3D exploded view drawings

Rohner Batch Powder Booth

Powder Coating Ovens
Batch Ovens
If flexibility, reliability, and efficiency are what you are looking for, then a GAT Batch Oven is the perfect fit for you. GAT batch ovens feature 4” thick, 4# mineral wool batt insulated 18 gauge oven panels, utilizing their own tongue and groove design along with their patented isolator spreader clip and stiffener channel construction, GAT batch oven panels have 40% fewer seams and no hot spots.
GAT Batch ovens are suitable for wet paint or powder coat paint applications and have a maximum operating temperature of 500 deg. F
All GAT Batch Ovens are are pre-fired and tested at the factory prior to shipment and come with insulated stack packages up to 20 feet long. Standard delivery is 6-8 weeks but expedited builds are available for those on tight schedules. GAT batch ovens come in eighteen standard sizes and you can order your oven in many different configurations. Standard batch ovens options include;
6’x6’, 8’x8’, 10’x10’ by 10’ deep up to 30’ deep configurations standard
Single Set of Doors or Doors on Both Ends
Conveyor Slots Floor Options -Insulated Floor-12 Ga. Steel floor-No Floor- Insulated Floor with Cart Slots
208v 75 amps- 208v-480v 60 amps-460-480v- 30 amps 3phase. Propane or Natural Gas fired

ECO Burn-Off Ovens
has over two hundred years of combined experience in the industry. Together our company is committed to providing innovative, highly engineered, quality, and cost effective burn-off ovens to meet customer’s individual needs. ECO Burn-Off Ovens mission is to always surpass customer’s expectations.
ECO Burn-Off Ovens are designed with automated controls to minimize cycle time, allowing the oven to reach highest efficiency and not emit any harmful toxins into the environment. Organic coatings such as paint, varnish and related products are placed in a load. The chemically decomposing organic material (grease, oil, paint, etc.) begins to burn-off at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.
Heat is released into the burn-off oven; no flame physically contacts any items put in the load. Once the cycle is complete organic material is turned into ash that may be rinsed or shot-blasted and the items are now ready to be put back in production. ECO Burn-Off Ovens are secure, trusted, easily operated, ecologically sound and save customers money.

Electro-Steam Generators

These steam units specifically designed for pre-cleaning and iron-phosphating metal surfaces prior to powder coating.
Benefits of pre-cleaning and iron-phosphating systems vs. other systems:
Clean, smooth, and receptive surface recommended for paint and powder coating processes. Prevents the spread of undercoat corrosion for surfaces that have been nicked or scratched.
Large spray booths are not required since there is very minimal overspray. Uses approximately 50% less chemical than a pressure washer system. Produces much less waste water than other systems. Savings generated as a result of fewer chemicals, less water, and less effluent.
Additional benefits include the following:
Standard Stainless Steel Cabinets
Built in accordance with ASME, UL, and CSA requirements
National Board of PVI Shop Inspected
98% efficient resulting in energy and water conservation
Low or high pressure dry steam in less than 15 minutes (or on demand)
A one year warranty on all parts and a five year warranty on the chamber.
Electro-Steam Generators

Re-defining ‘clean’ for any industry

DINAMEC and SCHWING offers the solution for all your metal stripping needs. Our solutions safely remove all organic substances from all kinds of metal parts no matter the industry. From paint, powder coating, plastic, polyesters, and rubber, we can remove it. Our machines can be found in a wide variety of industries with over 2,000 installations worldwide. We ensure a clean and healthy stripping alternative to more traditional methods. Our technology offers many benefits from optimal results, no abrasive damage to tools or parts and a high operating capacity with low operating cost.
Decoring and Sand Reclamation, and Heat Treatment
Looking to remove the sand cores from your aluminum castings? This is often a tedious job due to the integrated design and hard organic binders. The Dinamec Systems’ Deco Fluid Bed Installation is the perfect solution for the gentle and smooth decoring of aluminum parts. Traditional methods take long periods of time, cause deformation or damage and have a high operating cost. Our systems offer quick cleaning time, no damage of parts and all at a lower operating cost. We are your decoring solution.

Powder Application
Gema Powder Coat Guns
Gema Manual Powder Coating Guns

Power - Quality - Control

The new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual units impresses with additional application performance due to the outstanding PowerBoost technology. With OptiFlex Pro, you easily process all powder types and coat complex parts in superior quality - all this worldwide and in the most difficult industrial environments.
The First Choice in Manual Powder Coating
The OptiFlex Pro manual units are uncompromisingly and agilely designed for maximum industrial suitability and worldwide use. The intelligent and durable components fit perfectly together and form the powerful package for superior manual powder coating. The ergonomic and intuitive operation enables every user to achieve the best coating results at any time.

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